The Dragon's Path: Walking Vacations Worldwide

Dear Fellow Traveler:

Our vision for The Dragon's Path is to offer you a cultural journey on foot.

We believe that cultural interactions allow opportunity for understanding and that walking is the best way to travel within a country and connect with the local people as well as the land.

Each of our programs is unique within the industry and has been developed hand-in-hand with local guides who are regional experts and close personal friends. Together we have created tours which we believe offer you authentic interactions and experiences.

Though many events are planned in advance our guides thrive on their ability to assess situations and opportunities to create spontaneous experiences which bring you and the local people together.  These active cultural journeys offer structure and flexibility, activity and rest, education and laughter.

Our goal is to set the scene for your exploration and discovery. The experiences created along the way are unique to each individual and belong to you...for a lifetime.

The Dragon's Path tours are designed for you, the traveler, to experience local cultures while exploring some of the world’s scenict reasures on foot.

Please join us for what promises to be a memorable journey.

                                                                    Happy Trails,

                                                                    Kathy Dragon & Maura Murphy

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